You don’t have to be a casualty of high electricity bills this summer or the next. Solar energy is an effective way to generate renewable energy for your air conditioner to use, while also providing power to the rest of your appliances. Solar panel systems will generate thousands in electricity savings for over 25 years, and outlast your air conditioner plus all the other appliances they power. Leave your solar Powered Air Conditioning on all day and don’t worry about the electrical Bill! This Solar Powered Air Conditioning system is powered by solar energy during the daytime, and will automatically switch either partially or completely to mains power for times when not enough solar power is available  

On Grid Hybrid ACDC Solar Air Conditioner

The Hybrid solar air conditioner does not require any battery.and just need a few solar panel to generate solar energy for your solar air conditioner use. During the sunshine day, you can run your conditioner by 100% from solar power.When night time or rainy days, the solar panel might not work, at this time, your air conditioner can also run and power by grid utility.

Off Grid DC 48V Solar Air Conditioner

100% solar power air conditioner. Run by solar power through the day. and battery through the night which charge free by sun. Offering 24 hours cooling and heating that cost you free electricity bill.