125mm Mono Cell

Mono 2BB Solar Cell 125mm

157mm Poly Cell

Poly 5BB Solar Cell 157mm

158.75mm Mono Cell

Mono 5BB Solar Cell 158.75mm

Offer custom pattern solar cell service.

2BB/3BB/4BB for the off grid solar Panel purpose

POGREEN Solar Select monocrystalline/polycrystalline Wafer from Tier 1 Wafer manufacturer so as to make sure cell series features our latest cost-effective technology to attain average efficiencies of 20%~23% in production. Our innovative, proprietary cell processing techniques are used to achieve significantly higher cell efficiencies while maintaining low-cost. POGREEN Solar differentiates from other high-quality, high-efficiency manufacturers through its deep knowledge and experience in cell design and optimization of its cost-effective manufacturing processes.