Turkish student built solar powered electric bicycle

Turkish university student built solar powered electric bicycle with US$ 400 in 6 months.

‘I used to complain about traffic and with the education I received decided to assemble a solar powered bicycle.’ said Yigit Kaan Er, an engineering student in Konya on Sunday.

He said, ‘Electrical bicycles are common nowadays. Bike I developed has solar cells charging the battery that provides electricity to the motor.’

‘Bicycle weights around 35 kilograms. During day time around 5-6 hours of sun is enough to completely charge the battery.’ he said

‘When battery is full bicycle has a 40 kilometer range.’ he added.

Er said that the device is environmentally friendly and he will keep working on improving the design.

Reporting by Abdullah Dogan

Writing by Ata Ufuk Seker

Anadolu Agency